Luminis Cloud Services

Many companies are switching to the cloud. Once the first applications and data are up and running, new issues arise: how best to manage those cloud applications? How to keep the highest level of security? What is the best way to get the most out of the cloud environment? To answer all these questions and more, Luminis Cloud Services was founded.

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Luminis Cloud Services

Luminis has been supporting companies with their move to the cloud for over ten years. This means we know our way around all the cloud services and applications. Our experience has taught us that many organisations require a bit more support after their move to the cloud. They would often like further assistance with monitoring and to keep their security in check. But they also need to be able to ask any questions about the possibilities the cloud environment has to offer. For these purposes, we started Luminis Cloud Services.

Companies that offer cloud services, such as Amazon and Microsoft, also tend to offer security services, but these have to be configured and maintained. If this is not done correctly, your security may be at risk. Cloud vendors will monitor your services, but any calamities should be dealt with correctly. It’s also worth to regularly evaluate the amount of space you use, otherwise you may end up paying too much.

In short, to get the most out of your cloud environment, you need to consider all these issues. Apart from that, it’s nice to have someone your can turn to with any questions you may have. Together we’ll help your organisation to get even further ahead.


Luminis Cloud Services offers the following:

  • Cloud configuration: setting up, arranging and expanding cloud environments (either single-cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid)
  • Cloud migration: shifting applications and data to the cloud
  • Cloud management: monitoring and offering support according to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Cloud security: one-off and continuous security tests
  • Cloud innovation: delivering new cloud applications, from pilot to production
  • Advice: sharing knowledge and any new opportunities that may arise in the cloud market.

What you can expect from Luminis Cloud Services

  • Certified specialists with a lot of experience
  • Independent advice: we don’t depend on just one cloud vendor
  • Reliable contacts
  • Security for your entire cloud environment because of our security monitoring
  • Bespoke SLAs.

Service Level Agreement

We have two service levels available:

  1. Basic 5×12: you receive support on working days between 8am and 8pm. The maximum waiting time is 4 hours
  2. Extended 24×7: complete support, also outside of office hours. The maximum waiting time is 2 hours.

Let’s talk

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