Training: AWS Cost Control

By: - Software Architect

One of the big promises of the Cloud is that it makes IT cheaper. This is certainly a possibility, but not a given. Running the same workload as before in the exact same way usually only increases the cost. Cost can also be less predictable due to the elastic and on-demand nature of the Cloud. The good news is that with the right usage, the total cost of ownership can be reduced significantly, and AWS helps with this with all kinds of services and features.


In this training we will, based on the Well Architected Framework’s ‘Cost Optimization Pillar’, learn ways and best practices to increase visibility. But we’ll also dive into newer “Cloud Native” workloads and see why for these the costs are usually significantly lower. Next, we’ll look at the architecture level and discuss common best practices and how to apply them to existing architectures with relative ease. Finally, we’ll get to the bottom of how AWS costs are structured and how we can setup are accounts in such a way to keep full control and visibility of those costs.

Target Audience

Developers, architects, product owners and anybody who wants to ensure they’re using AWS in an informed and sound way with respect to cost.

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