Training: AWS Monitoring

By: - Software Architect

With the rise of Devops and the “you build it, you run it” mentality, it is more important than ever for teams to have a thorough understanding of how their applications are running and performing. With the ever-increasing complexity of the application landscape, it is increasingly difficult to answer simple questions like “is my application running the way it should?”, and if not “where is the problem located?” So, it is essential for Cloud Native applications to have monitoring and observability soundly covered. With a deep-dive in AWS services like CloudWatch, X-Ray and CloudTrail, and how they fit together, we’ll discover how we can do monitoring on the AWS platform in a sound Cloud Native and DevOps way.


Modern applications running in AWS are increasingly distributed systems consisting of various components and services that cooperate to offer the total functionality. These can be complex system with lots of interactions and dependencies. When there are problems it is more difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the problems’ root-cause. No longer do we have one monolith where all logging is conveniently located in one file on one server, but increasingly the information is scattered over the complete application landscape. This demands a new way of monitoring that makes it totally clear what the status and health of each subsystem is, and when errors occur, what the effect is on the other subsystems. This means we should no longer see logs as mere files, but we should instead view logs, metrics and events as one continuous event stream that we can harness in real-time.

In this training, we’ll cover both the theory of monitoring and observability, as well as get hands-on experience with practical exercises that students will do themselves.

Target Audience

DevOps teams.


Basic AWS knowledge is recommended. For the exercises a laptop is required.

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