Training: AWS Security

By: - Software Architect

Cloud computing offers unrivaled possibilities with its vast array of services and features allowing an unprecedented speed of development. But using it in the wrong way can lead to serious risks. Hackers, data-leaks, DDoS attacks, bad actors, the internet is a dangerous place. The good news is that AWS has a lot of security related tools and best practices that can counter these risks. But to mitigate these security risks, a new view on security is needed. No longer is it enough to rely on a big virtual wall at the boundary of you company, to safeguard the perimeters. No, in the cloud you need a “defense in depth” approach where security controls are applied at all systems and all layers. But this is not an add-on layer you can implement afterwards; this is something that needs to be developed from the ground up.

75 minutes
Maximum 10 persons
Join with your computer, phone or tablet
Given in English


In this session we will, based on the Well Architected Framework’s Security Pillar, look what it means to build safe systems in AWS. We’ll dive into vital AWS services like IAM and CloudTrail and learn concepts like Least Privilege and Zero Trust. In this training we’ll discuss the theory and look at real-world examples as well. With insightful demos and stories from the trenches we’ll make the theory tangible and relatable.

Target Audience

Developers, architects, testers and others who are interested in developing for the cloud in a secure manner.


None, basic AWS knowledge is recommended.

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