Training: Effective Product Ownership

By: - Agile Coach

The role of the product owner doesn’t tend to get a lot of attention. While the focus is usually placed on the scrum master, it turns out in practice that an effective product owner can make the difference between success and failure. This raises a few questions: what responsibilities should the product owner be given to ensure success? What position does an effective product owner have within the organisation? And what should a product owner do to be effective? What are the skills required for and the most common traps associated with this role? During this session, we’ll explore the theory and form an idea about how to fill in the product owner role effectively.

This session can be used as a stepping stone to use Agile more efficiently within an organisation.

Target Audience

Accessible for everyone.


Some knowledge of scrum.

This training can be taken through InCompany, the same as for the other courses we offer. We’ll guide and train product owners and product owner teams to set up governance, create a vision, plan a roadmap and take the next step in efficient product ownership.