Training: Practical Evolutionary architecture

By: - Cloud Solution Architect

When you need to make a big change in your codebase, the typical solution is to branch off, work on it for some weeks and hope that nothing breaks when it’s merged… we all know how that ends. What if you could do that big change in tiny steps? While keeping everything integrated with the other work being done. Many teams really want to work this way, but struggle to find ways to do that.

In this workshop you will experience first-hand how to make big changes to your code in small steps and how the right architecture can help you with that. Stop struggling! Book now!


In the workshop the participants will:

    • Get familiar with a simple codebase, small enough to grasp quickly.
    • Adjust code to respect a layered architecture.
    • Refactor from a layered architecture to hexagonal architecture.
    • Experience what value objects are and how to introduce them.
    • Practice encapsulating behavior to make it easier to evolve the code.
    • Practice taking tiny steps to apply a change throught a codebase.
    • Change code structure to use vertical slice architecture.
    • Use feature toggles to gradually expose new functionality.
    • Learn from each other and share learnings with the group.

If circumstances allow, participants will be paired-up to do the workshop together. That typically results in more discussion and increased learning.

Target Audience

Developers at any level of experience.


There are no specific knowledge requirements for participation in this training. The programming language used during the workshop is Kotlin. There will be a 10 minute Kotlin crash course at the start of the workshop which gets you acquainted with all the syntax required for the workshop.