Training: HTML and CSS voor the whole team

By: - Cloud Transformation Consultant

One likes it, the other a little less writing and maintaining HTML and CSS. This training course for the whole team! After a short inventory of the existing knowledge and learning goals for the day, we will start to dissect, translate and implement a design like the Web Standards movement that had in mind: with semantically correct formatting (HTML) and effective, modular design (CSS).


We’ll start with some theory about HTML and CSS and go through some best practices. Then, first together and then in groups, we start applying the learned on the basis of a case. After discussing the results, we conclude with some theory about making implementations future proof: how do you make sure that in 5 years this is still easy to update and also looks like a consistent whole?

Target Audience

Anyone who has to write a piece of HTML or CSS, but actually lacks some basic knowledge.