Training: Microservices Awareness workshop

By: - VP Technology

This three-day training will delve into the recent hype revolving around Microservices with one day of theoretical knowledge, followed by two days of practice. The training with hone into with ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind Microservices, but will primarily delve into the challenges encountered on the road to a maintainable and scalable microservices implementation. There will be plenty of room for questions and discussion during this training. The first day will primarily discuss theory, interspersed with demos and discussions. During the following two practical days, participants will work on a case: creating a Microservices landscape. Here the theoretical concepts taught on the first day are applied and the participants are confronted with the fact that there is more to Microservices than just generating an application within a certain development framework. The training will finalize with participants presenting their work and experiences to one another.

Target Audience

Experienced developers, architects and technical managers who want an unprejudiced view on the Microservices architecture style.


No specific prior knowledge is required for the theory segment. Some experience in software development is required for the practical segment. In the case that you have less technical background, a paired participation for the practical segment together with a technical colleague can be arranged. 

You are required to bring a laptop for the practical segment. In the case that you do not own a (suitable) laptop, please contact us to discuss possibilities. Please mention this in your application.