Training: Microservices for managers

By: - VP Technology

With popular poster children such as Netflix and Amazon, using microservices-based architectures seems to be the killer approach to twenty-first-century architecture. This half day session, aimed at architects and (technical) management, goes over the benefits, but more so the pitfalls, of using a microservices-based architecture. What impact does it have on your organization, your applications, and dealing with scale and failures, and how do you prevent your landscape from becoming an unmaintainable nightmare.


This half day training course separates facts from fiction on the recent hype of Microservices. In this course you will learn how and why companies resort to this architectural style, and where it originated. Moreover we will focus on the challenges ahead on the way to a maintainable and scalable Microservices implementation. This course is interactive and there will be ample time for discussion and questions among attendees.

Target Audience

Architects, technical managers and decision-makers who want to have an unbiased and objective view on the Microservices architectural style.