Training: Scrum Master

By: - Agile Coach

Have you been working with Scrum for a long time? Are you going to guide your own Scrum team? Then this two day training will help you. In this 2 day training we take a look at the Scrum framework and all the associated roles, pitfalls and success factors. You are also cordially invited to submit your own practical situation.


During this two-day training you will learn to make scrum principles well so that you can guide projects yourself as Scrum Master. You will be prepared to obtain your Scrum Master certificate with (this certificate is valid for life). It looks at common practical situations when working as a Scrum Master. In addition, many practice is practiced with simulations to make the principles of Scrum well. Our trainers are all experienced scrum masters themselves and can draw on a huge amount of practical examples.

Optionally, you can take the Scrum Master exam (PSM I) through If you pass the exam, you will receive an officially recognized certificate.

  • After training, you will receive a code by e-mail that allows you to take the exam online once. You can take this exam one day and time that is pleasant for you.
  • The exam is in English and must be completed within a certain time frame.

Target Audience

This training is designed for people with background experience from Scrum or who have already worked in Scrumteams. For those people who want to obtain their certificate and get ready to obtain their certificate.

The training can also be taken without an exam, for more information please contact us.