Training: Continuous Delivery for mobile Apps using Azure DevOps and Appcenter

By: - Cloud Software Architect

Mobile apps are getting more and complex and so the need to automate the development process increases. You do not wat to be dependent on one person and his PC to be able to release a new version of an app. Although the mobile app space can be quite restricted and there for hard to automate, you do not have to worry. There are some great tools out there that make continuous delivery for your new or existing mobile app is no longer something to fear. You do not have to be Spotify, with several feature teams developing one app, to benefit from this. Every team small or large can utilize these tools to make the development of their apps more efficient and reliable.


During this 4 hour training we look at two tools: Azure DevOps and AppCenter. We will look how they can be setup for mobile app releases. Besides that, we will go through the different release strategies and look at the strengths and weaknesses and how you can combine them to suit your needs. After this training you have hands-on experience with Android and iOS projects that you can use in your projects right away.

Target Audience

App developers and DevOps Engineers.