Esports are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Luminis has been part of the esports industry with its subsidiary Studio 397 since 2016. Studio 397 has developed the successful race simulator rFactor 2. Based on the rFactor 2 race engine, Studio 397 and Luminis have executed large projects for companies such as McLaren, Porsche and Amazon Game Studios. 

rFactor 2: extremely realistic race simulator

Race simulator game rFactor 2 is mainly used by serious and professional sim racers. They want the highest level of detail and realism. rFactor 2 offers an incredible level of realism that is achieved by its physics engine. This physics engine simulates extremely realistic materialistic and driving behavior. Even in challenging circumstances such as rain or with damage. rFactor 2 also offers an extensive amount of content. The most prominent cars in various race classes are all available in high quality.

Numerous famous and lesser known race tracks are available in rFactor 2. Every race track is laser scanned to achieve maximum realism. Sim racen is most fun while competing with other. Therefore rFactor 2 includes hundreds of competitions. This wide array of competitions will satisfy any sim racer, from beginner to professional sim racer. 

Esports platform

Besides rFactor 2, Luminis has developed an esports competition platform together with Studio 397. This platform game studios, event organizers and car brands to setup and manage their own racing competitions. Competitions can be integrated in existing or new games, but also be run in arcade centers or be part of live events. With the Luminis esports platform it’s easy to broadcast events and share competitions and scores through websites or social media.

The esports platform is robust and extremely scalable to guarantee top performance. Sim racers are constantly challenged by other players by the smart matchmaking algorithms to keep every competition challenging for all levels.

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Special projects

Based on the success of rFactor 2, Luminis and Studio 397 have successfully executed many projects for famous car brands such as McLaren and Porsche and also publishers such as Amazon Game Studios. During these projects our knowledge of both sim racing and technology came were combined with our execution capabilities. This allowed our customers to create new ways to engage with their customer and fan base and connect with their brand.

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