Esports platform

The best experience for your game or event

Are you looking for an experienced partner for esports games or events? Studio 397 can offer a scalable esports platform that guarantees an amazing game experience.

Secure, scalable and reliable

Whether you’re running a local event or a worldwide competition, the infrastructure involved should be reliable, secure and scalable. However, you also require a large amount of flexibility in order to offer your visitors the best experience and to raise awareness of your brand. Luminis and Studio 397 have developed a solution that encompasses all these requirements: the Studio 397 esports platform. Using this platform will guarantee you have the right, scalable infrastructure for your game or events.

Esports platform

The platform consists of a number of components:

  1. A user-friendly, easily adaptqble interface. It’s easy for administrators to set up and manage competitions. Gamers can sign up for competitions and monitor their scores and statistics in detail
  2. Smart match-making algorithm: To ensure competitive and entertaining competitions, a smart algorithm establishes the right balance between education, challenge and fun
  3. Scalable infrastructure: The entire platform operates in the cloud, meaning you can scale it according to your needs. Quick response times and updates in real-time are guaranteed – even with international competitions
  4. Integration services: The platform can easily integrate games and other services on an open-standard basis, such as CRM systems and e-commerce applications
  5. Data & analytics: Gamers have access to detailed statistics which allow them to chart and evaluate their performance. Administrators have access to all data related tot he competition, allowing them to perform extensive analysis to make the competition even more appealing.


Over the past few years, Luminis and Studio 397 have worked on several events and competitions with McLaren and Porsche, among others.

For more information on the McLaren esports competitions, visist their dedicated website: 

Studio 397 also works on several competitions with Porsche, such as the GT3 Cup. It has also set up a formula-e competition for the largest car conference in Europe: 

More information

Would you like to know more about the possibilities this platform can offer your game or event? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.