Hakan Altindag

Software developer

Hakan learns quickly and is very independent, explaining once is generally sufficient. He is a friendly and calm personality. It seems as if nothing can get him out of control and he is doing well in newly formed teams and stressful environments. His calm is one of his many powers. Hakan is an experienced enthusiastic Java Developer with extensive experience in, among other things, developing various APIs and relevant search solutions and building various software. Hakan gets energy from working intensively in a team on a solid solution. He loves challenges and complexity where he can fully use his expertise and experience. Pare programming is something that he prefers to guarantee quality and to stimulate knowledge transfer. In this way he ensures that everyone can do each other’s work and support each other when needed. Hakan likes to share knowledge with various disciplines and stakeholders. Hakan scores high in proactivity. Within the team, he is always the one who will take on a task to relieve others.