Luísa Braga dos Santos

Front end / UX developer

Luísa is a communicative, happy and ambitious girl. She likes to travel and learn new languages, that’s why she initially wanted to become a flight attendant. She soon realised that she wasn’t being challenged enough and started to orientate herself on new career paths. Luísa soon realised that she can express her passion for learning new languages in learning new programming languages. In addition, she is creative, and bringing a flat design to life is something she loves. That is why she has been pursuing her dream of becoming a front-end developer for several years.

Luísa is an extrovert person who likes to chat with people. Because of this she is not afraid to share opinions with respect for the people around her. Luísa is a hard worker who does not like giving up or delivering half a job. When she sets a goal, she gives everything of herself to reach the goal. She is therefore certainly not afraid to work hard for it.