Driving esports

Massively scalable cloud infrastructure for multiplayer esports competitions and events.

The Luminis and Studio 397 esports platform

Together with subsidiary company Studio 397, Luminis offers a scalable infrastructure for esports events. Luminis is a software technology company with extensive experience with cloud and data solutions. A high performance scalable infrastructure and realtime data analytics are the key ingredients for any esports infrastructure. 

Studio 397 is the developer of rFactor 2, the world’s most realistic race simulator aimed at (semi-) professional sim racers. Following the rapid growth of the esports scene we see an increasing demand for massive esports events and broadcasts. Luminis and Studio 397 can help you set up your own event with our extensive knowledge and solutions. 

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High-level overview

Maximum flexibility and brand exposure

Luminis and Studio 397 can offer you a compelling package to run and broadcast your local or international esports competition. We are offering many options to create a tailermade event for your audience:

  1. Customizable game and broadcasting interface. Custom interface, custom leaderboards, customer track signing, custom car wrapping, custom trailers and bumpers etc. etc.
  2. Scalable esports infrastructure. Supports simultanous races, match making, broadcasting, local, closed and open competitions.
  3. Integration services. Can be integrated with your existing broadcasting, marketing, CRM, ticketing or e-commerce applications.
  4. Data & analytics. Use driver and competition data in realtime and at scale. Players and managers can use detailed race data to improve their performance.

Please contact us at info@luminis.eu or call us at +31 (0)88 58 64 600 to talk about opportunities for your business.