Brain Upgrade: Security and OWASP


As a software professional, your first responsibility is delivering value to your users. A lot of this value is delivered over the internet, infrastructure you share with data thieves, scammers and malware. Data breaches or abuse, caused by bugs , non-secure systems suddenly connected to the internet and sub-par security practices reflect badly on the company involved.

Under new European regulations, the company may be liable for damages and serious fines. What’s worse, this company may be yours!

As a security conscious professional, you have heard of the OWASP Top 10, a list of the 10 most common and most damaging security flaws in web applications. Yet, few of us have ever seen an SQL Injection or cross-site scripting attack up close, let alone defended against it, or have an idea how to secure passwords the proper way.

In this Brain Upgrade, Angelo van der Sijpt, Fellow Connected Devices & Security for Luminis Arnhem, will walk you through the OWASP Top 10, and show you how it affects both your web applications, and your mobile applications. We will explain the threats, show examples of how they can be exploited, and provide practical advise for mitigating them. You will leave this Brain Upgrade with a better understanding of the causes for most breaches and abuse, and with the mindset and tools to defend your users on the internet!

Speaker: Angelo van der Sijpt

Angelo is a Fellow and Software Architect at Luminis, where he focuses on connected devices, security, and is a firm believer in the power of service design and simplicity in software. The main thing that binds his projects is that all have a “twist”, be it in hardware, scale, or security requirements. Angelo is an Apache committer on the Apache ACE project, and has spoken at conferences such as Apachecon and Oredev. He is a frequent flyer at hands-on sessions such as those of Devnology and Agile Holland.


17:30 Welcome, drinks and food
18:15 Part 1
19:00 Short break
19:15 Part 2
20:00 Ending with drinks