Training: Building modern web applications


In the course Building modern web applications, you will learn Angular, Typescript and RequireJS. You will also learn how to use these three technologies together to write some modern, object oriented and really well structured single page applications.


When you are doing front-end web development, three technologies are currently very hot! On top of that they seem to made for each other. You will come across AngularJS to structure your application logically, do databinding and create a responsive single page application.RequireJS is used to do lazy loading of JavaScript files and to get some much needed dependency management within JavaScript. But RequireJS and JavaScript can be very complex. JavaScript is not a very simple language to write your logic in! It is not object oriented, it is weakly typed and it has lot of strange language constructs!

Typescript is a new scripting language based on ECMA 6. It will give you true object orientation, strong typing and built in support for modules with RequireJS. And it compiles to just JavaScript so it runs in any browser!

Trainer: Chris van Beek

Software Architect at Luminis Arnhem. In the .Net stack focus on WPF, Windows Store Development and ASP.Net MVC on the client side. Also utilizing JQuery, JavaScript and Knockout/Angular.js. As for the back-end, mainly focus on SOAP, WCF, ASP.Net Web API, the SOA principles and RESTfull services. Lately keeping himself busy with Enterprise Architecture, Software architecture, systems integration and continous delivery.

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