Training Java EE 7 upgrade


Java EE has a greatly simplified programming model and it now has all the ingredients that make for a successful lightweight component based implementation. Java EE 7 continues down the path where Java EE 6 left off to further simplify the architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer’s point of view, while also adding new functionality in response to the needs of the community.


  • Develop Transactional Java Enterprise Applications
  • Use the Java Persistence API for Persisting Data into a Relational Database
  • Leverage Contexts and Dependency Injection to Benefit from a Decoupled Programming Model
  • Apply Messaging Techniques for Asynchronous Transactional Processing
  • Expose and consume RESTful Endpoints
  • Integration Test Enterprise Java Applications using Arquillian
  • Leverage the Java Batch API to facilitate long-running, non-interactive, bulk operations
  • Use websockets for full-duplex, bi-directional, communication with low overhead

Did you know that this training course will be given on multiple dates? For more information please contact us.