Barend Nesse

Delivery Manager

Unburdening, and the confidence that what we have agreed upon will run smoothly, that is the experience I want to give you and other customers with Luminis. Of course, things do not always go perfectly the first time around, which is why I choose to be transparent and solution-oriented. I believe in the power of a multidisciplinary team, in which you participate.

With my enthusiasm, commitment and drive I motivate my team to achieve results that are a ‘strategic fit’ with your business. Whether it concerns business development or implementation processes, connecting and inspiring stakeholders is second nature to me. I tackle problems in a creative and structured way. Have an eye for detail, without losing the overview.

For this I draw on my extensive experience with projects at the crossroad between business and IT in complex environments. I like an informal working atmosphere with a lot of humour! So do you want technical solutions in the cloud that add value to your business? Then I will arrange that for you together with my team. After that I will also help you organise all the support activities associated with keeping your new IT up and running in the cloud!

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