Bart Dohmen

Senior Interaction Designer

Making technology tangible for people, that is what I stand for. Creating designs that make people happy or improve their work is the best thing about my work. Regardless of the complexity, an application should almost feel self-evident to its end users. That goes beyond just creating beautiful designs. Understanding customer wishes, communicating visually, testing experiences with prototypes and trying out new things as often as possible: this is how I design user-friendly interfaces that match the wishes and values of customers, users and  colleagues.

Thanks to my background as an industrial designer, I am very fascinated by the synergy of the digital and physical world around us. I see this as inseparable domains; a mobile app for a farmer in a barn comes with different challenges than a web application designed for a group of scool children. My work goes beyond just what you see on your screen.

I like to express my creativity by occasionally capturing beautiful things on digital photos and by drawing in my sketchbook. I also like to relax my brain while cycling or walking.

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