Björn Lammers

Software Engineer

Ever since my father came home with our first family computer, I became fascinated with the ability to convert an image in my head into a program. Both during my secondary school and during my Landscaping study, a large part of my spare time was spent building increasingly complex software and eventually I was able to turn that hobby into my profession.

During the last fifteen years I have specialised in writing Java applications. This certainly does not mean that I limit myself to just that; I wouldn’t want to work on a project where I am not able to contribute to architecture, business analysis and testing.

Now my biggest hobby has become my job, I have more time for other hobbies, and I like to share them with others. At Luminis you find people with all kinds of interests and backgrounds, who I regularly engage for intersting conversations. For example during a lunch walk on the beautiful IPKW site where we are located (which makes my urban developent very happy!)

At Luminis I get the opportunity to start every day with the question: “What am I going to make better today?” I work with professional colleagues from whom I learn a lot and who challenge me to view problems in a different way. I can therefore not only end the day with the progress I have made on my projects but also with how I have gotten better myself.

The drive to think Cloud-First is not really new

Cloud-First may sound like the Next Big Thing, but is it really? Of course, the services provided by Amazon, Google and Azure are new, but the mechanism that determines whether to use these services to fulfill your business needs are...

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Training: Spring Cloud

To be able to fully take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud, the Cloud environment needs to be taken into consideration while applications are developed. Applications should be designed to be cloud Native. Description This workshop will explain the...

Date:10 May 2022

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