GP Gooiker

Digital product designer

Are you looking for guidance on how to build digital products? I’m a senior digital product designer, working from the beatiful city of Rotterdam, Holland. I’m always open to discuss new strategies or product ideas; I might be able to collaborate in a project or help you hire designers or developers.

I strive to be an ‘auteur’ kind of designer: next to my design education, I worked as a front-end software developer as well. In my practice now, I use this experience to write prototype code to quickly test ideas. After hours, I like to design and build mixed reality prototypes.


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Training: UX Design

Does your team keep asking for better User Stories? Does your team spend a lot of time discussing about how new features should work? Are people disappointed when your team makes something that is quite different than they expected? You...

Date:10 November 2022

I do not have any webinars available yet. Come back soon!