Ivo Domburg

Sr. Interaction designer

For a lot of customers, developing digital products is not a daily occurence. People often know what they want to achieve, but making the concept concrete is long lasting. Ivo helps you during this process by doing research and testing.

3 ways Cloud is disrupting design

Okay. So Cloud is disrupting our world. It is vastly changing the way we develop, deploy and maintain our digital products. Although indirectly, it is also impacting the field of UX and UI design. Some of these changes might be...

The Scrum Pendulum

In product development advanced tooling and so-called ‘proven’ development methods can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. For instance when they distract the development team from what they should really be focussing on: the end result, the product itself....

6 Rules for writing UI Guidelines

User interface (or UI) guidelines are intended for designers and developers to ensure a suiting and consistent user experience of a specific product, product range or brand. The guideline can be a Word document, but these days it is more common to find...

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