Ivon Reveco

Agile coach

Ivon is an experienced trainer & coach with more than 15 years of experience as a Change manager. Guiding individuals and groups in developing the right mindset, structure and discovering iterative work is one of her passions. Because of her international work experience, she is highly skilled in recognising, seeing through and optimising various organisational cultures and associated organisational structures. She has successfully supervised multiple change processes at home and abroad. Ivon has a profound interest in neuroscience and as she calls it “the human System”, she is fascinated by “the natural way of learning” and “the human brain”. She continues to develop and train herself in numerous subjects that give her the opportunity to look at the entire system of people and their working environment. Ivon is an authentic change manager in heart and soul and always a Co-Creator in every role.

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Training: Scrum Master

Have you been working with Scrum for a long time? Are you going to guide your own Scrum team? Then this two day training will help you. In this 2 day training we take a look at the Scrum framework...

Date:10 or 11 March

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