Jacobjob Koster

Java consultant

I am described as a driven, reliable and customer-oriented person. I like to analyse technical problems, wishes and processes in order to arrive at a solution or improvement. I proactively propose possible alternative solutions or improvements, using a broad knowledge of software (development). I have an open attitude, good communication skills, I work accurately and you know what to expect from me.

With over 10 years of work experience in Java environments, I have had various roles, including Java software developer, technical manager of several different applications and technical project manager. I excel at being able to switch between technology and functionality, where I always keep the bigger picture in mind. In my many roles I am used to communicating with Business Analysts, IT managers, CEOs, as well as end users and technical architects. In this I can act as a specialist or as a generalist. In my software development roles I have both backend and front-end experience, with the emphasis on the backend. I am also very well versed in Linux in, for example, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, which means that in a DevOps environment I can coach, guide and ensure operational successes on both fronts.

The assignments I performed varied from building Java Content Management Systems (JBoss / Tomcat), working with scalable multinode technology (Apache Ignite), setting up and managing integration flows (Apache Camel), Oracle databases to managing Liferay / ESB upgrades in different technical environments.

Handige Java-libraries: MapStruct en Caffeine Cache

Een tijdje geleden mocht ik met een team goede collega’s een project voor stichting Roparun uitvoeren. Dat is een stichting die een sponsorloop organiseert, tussen Rotterdam en Parijs. Inmiddels zijn er meerdere looproutes toegevoegd en doen er teams mee uit...

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