Jeremy Pietersz

Full-stack Engineer

Jeremy is an enthusiastic medior full-stack engineer. As an entrepreneur he has worked on projects for various companies. For these projects he mainly used Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery. He also worked part-time (16-24 hours a week) at the company Onior for a year as a Frond-end developer. Jeremy finds both the front end and the back end challenging to work on. Jeremy is currently developing a game for Android devices in his spare time (C #).

During his studies, Jeremy was usually lead developer during group projects because of his knowledge of both the Frond-end and the Back-end. Due to his good communication skills, he was also the scrum master / group leader. Jeremy has communicated extensively with product owners (POs) during the projects that he carried out for his company. During his internships, Jeremy worked at various companies on information, data acquisition, and collaboration. Finally, Jeremy did the minor “online marketing” where he gained a lot of knowledge about marketing and drew up a marketing plan for the company Serasta. The minor attracted his interest because he wanted to use this knowledge for the game he is developing. In addition, the minor also ensured that he can better understand the customer journey. Jeremy is customer-oriented, meticulous, a fast learner and very creative.

State Management in de Front-end

Ik wil het graag over ‘states’ in de frontend hebben. Bij Roparun hadden we de ‘ngrx store’ library gebruikt om state bij te houden (eigenlijk gewoon volgens Redux principe, maar dan met wat extra’s). Zie hieronder. Het framework dat we...

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