Jurgen Allewijn

Principal Consultant

Jurgen is an enthusiastic Cloud architect/consultant with a passion for his profession. With 20+ years of experience, gained at various customers such as NS, KPN and Independer, and a broad interest in Cloud and Cloud related topics. As Cloud architect, he operates at the intersection of technology and business, leaning towards the business and process side a bit more and less on the technology. He approaches process with a critical attitude in order to achieve the best result, in which the customer and his wishes are leading.

In recent years, Jurgen has mainly focused on developments in Cloud native solutions (containers, Kubernetes) for both on premise (VMware) and in the Cloud (Azure, Google, AWS) and the associated DevOps culture and way of working. Jurgen attaches great importance to sharing knowledge. He puts this knowledge into practice by giving training courses and workshops and organising meetups.

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