Kemal Gülşen

Cloud Architect

Kemal is a technical cloud architect with solid hands-on skills in both application and platform development, and seven years of experience. In the last three years he has worked for the largest enterprise customers with hundreds of cloud environments. He helped and guided DevOps teams in their cloud journeys by working in central cloud teams. He worked in fully automated environments, using native cloud services; Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Infrastructure as Code tools.

Kemal also has experience in designing and building Backend applications using Python, Java, and Typescript. He is a versatile, innovative, energetic problem solver with strong communication skills. He is known for delivering projects or components for distributed systems steadily, on time and within budget. He also likes to increase the cloud knowledge of teams by constantly sharing his knowledge with his colleagues and also the global community through various means.


Production-Ready CDK – Bootstrapping

In the previous posts, we set up the project, wrote our first construct, and implemented a CI/CD Pipeline using CDK Pipelines. If you haven’t already done so, Bootstrapping AWS CDK is one of the first things we need to do...


Production-Ready CDK – CDK Pipelines

We initiated our AWS CDK project in the previous chapter and focused on the project structure. Now, we can leverage CI/CD to speed up the technical value stream. Besides, as the project gets bigger, it becomes more challenging to automate;...


Production-Ready CDK – Project Structure

In my last post, I announced I am starting a new blog series on Cloud Development Kits. You can find more about the purpose & plan here. In the first chapter of this series, we will begin building our cdk...


Production-Ready CDK – Prelude

I am starting a new blog series on Cloud Development Kits(CDK), first with AWS CDK. Then later, planning to jump to CDK for Terraform (CDKtf) and combine it with CDK for Kubernetes(CDK8s). Let’s see how far we will come. What...

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