Marcel van Brakel

Senior Cloud Devops

Marcel is an experienced Solution Architect, DevOps engineer and Full Stack Developer with 15 years of work experience. Due to his broad knowledge of technology, interest in management, business and coaching, Marcel has often been deployed on a project basis for various assignments in order to lift the project to a higher level as a Consultant.

Marcel’s strength lies in his vision on both business and technology, whereby he can apply his expertise with enthusiasm and passion by devising and implementing the best solutions for complex issues. This gives Marcel a lot of energy and satisfaction. Marcel also has knowledge of a variety of tooling, languages ​​and techniques, which gives him great added value for a project.

Marcel has good communication skills and knows how to inspire and motivate customers and teams in order to achieve the optimal result. In addition to the substantive executor, Marcel is the person who naturally has a helicopter view of a project, and uses this to function as well as possible as a team.

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