Martin van Mierloo

Product manager

Motorsport Games acquires Luminis subsidiary Studio 397

Amersfoort, The Netherlands, March 3, 2021. Luminis signed an agreement this week with Motorsport Games Inc. focused on the full acquisition of Studio 397, including high-end racing simulation software rFactor 2. The acquisition enables both companies to further expand their...

Motorsport Games neemt Luminis dochterbedrijf Studio 397 over

Amersfoort (NL), 3 maart 2021. Luminis heeft deze week een overeenkomst gesloten met Motorsport Games Inc. gericht op de volledige overname van Studio 397, inclusief high-end racesimulatie-software rFactor 2. De overname stelt beide bedrijven in staat om hun sterke positie...

InformationGrid release 21.1 now available

A new version of InformationGrid, the model-driven data platform developed by Luminis, was released yesterday. InformationGrid users now have access to new options for using search engines. In addition, they will benefit from the higher performance of projections and numerous...

InformationGrid release 21.1 nu beschikbaar

Een nieuwe versie van InformationGrid, het modelgedreven dataplatform ontwikkeld door Luminis, is gisteren uitgebracht. Gebruikers van InformationGrid kunnen nu beschikken over nieuwe mogelijkheden om search engines in te zetten. Daarnaast zullen ze profiteren van de hogere performance van projecties en...

New InformationGrid cloud native infrastructure released

On 4 September 2020 a major update of  InformationGrid was released. Besides almost 30 improvements and bug fixes this release contains a completely new cloud infrastructure. Over the last few years InformationGrid used Luminis CloudRTI (Real Time Infrastructure) as the...


Whitepaper Data lakes

The 5 key insights to developing data lakes. Download our free white paper. Especially for professionals such as CIOs, IT managers and decision makers, Luminis has written a white paper that helps you make decisions about the implementation of a data...


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