Piet van Dongen

Cloud Consultant

I am a cloud consultant at Luminis Arnhem. I love to help organisations with mapping and exploring software and business opportunities. The more complex, the better!

I can be regularly be found on stage at conferences like Codemotion, Devoxx Belgium, TEQNation and Luminis DevCon, for which I have been decorated. I speak about stuff like cloud migrations, voice assistants and IoT. Besides speaking I also help organize the Luminis Meetups and am an AWS Community Apprentice for the AWS NL User Group.

The new normal demands resilience engineering

Understanding resilience engineering is essential for organizations that want to survive as we accelerate into the online future. Let me tell you what resilience engineering is and how it can help you roll with the punches that come with success....

Pure bliss with pure functions in Java

Writing software is hard. Writing good software is harder. Writing good, simple software is the hardest. Writing good, simple software as a team is the hardest… est. You shouldn’t need several hours to understand what a method, class or package...

Pure bliss with pure functions in Java

White paper Cloud migration

Cloud migration: 5 effective steps towards a successful result. Download our free white paper. Do you want to migrate your organisation’s systems to the cloud? A cloud migration provides speed and efficiency, among many other advantages. This white paper is...

I do not have any webinars available yet. Come back soon!