Sander Meinema

Software architect / developer

Sander is an ambitious, professional and certified Java Software Architect & Engineer. He always likes to learn new technologies as well as skills to improve the team and himself. He is fascinated by workflows in software development, structure in code and CI / CD. He can quickly adopt new techniques and apply them because he is able to go through a steep growth and learning curve. He likes to approach and quickly provides added value in a new environment. Sander writes his code so that others can understand and reuse it. His code is logically structured and commented. He places his work within the larger whole to make it fit into the landscape. Sander has a highly developed analytical mind and is strong in reasoning and content. This allows him to get a quick overview, to get to the heart of the problem and to come up with efficient and non-standard solutions.

He has developed his soft skills extensively within politics and by organising Meetups. He has become an experienced Scrum Master who keeps focus on the MVP, iteratively and quickly delivering business value, keeping an eye on code quality and maintenance and a happy team. He also likes to occasionally try out new formats for team meetings, such as Scrum Retrospectives or Product Backlog Grooming Refinement to break the regularity.

Key words that characterise him are serious, solid, reliable, humble with a touch of humor.

Where to put WebSockets?

In a typical 3-tier architecture of your application, you have three tiers or layers called presentation, application, and data. In a Spring Boot application, these can be implemented as controllers, services, and repositories. In this architecture, the controllers might form...

A single data store called Redux

Redux is a data store container for JavaScript apps. I’m currently on a team, that’s building an application for the government in three months. We use React and Redux in the front-end. This combination works well for us. In this blog...

Scrum: Magic Estimation

Sometimes your Product Owner or the business wants to know how much work there is on the Product Backlog. They want to get an idea for the Roadmap ahead. Or perhaps to acquire some (internal) funds. Or as a Scrum...

Scrum: Daily Stand-Up

Has your Daily Scrum become a bit boring? Is everybody just sending, but not listening? Has the interaction been lost? Then it’s time to spice up your stand-up! It wasn’t this awful in my team, but during one of our Sprint Retrospective we discussed our Daily Scrums. The...


At one of my former projects at a client of Luminis I got the opportunity to work with Apigee. Apigee is a platform for APIs. In this blog I’ll describe in an overview its features. In Apigee APIs can be easily created...

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