Brain Upgrade: Angular 2.0


Since first seeing light in 2009, AngularJS has quickly established itself as a dominant force in the world of front end development. As developers we have to respect the massive rise in adaptation it has seen in the past years in both small open source and large corporate projects.

Now the team behind AngularJS has brought us something new, Angular 2.0. Angular 2.0 is much more than a upgrade of the AngularJS we already know. In fact instead of updating what was already there the team has decided to start completely anew with Angular 2.0.

This Luminis Brain Upgrade session on August 28 we will spend time discovering Angular 2.0. First we will take a short look at how Angular 2.0 came into being and what were the driving forces behind this completely new start. Second we will look at the biggest changes Angular 2.0 will bring to front end development and the problems they are meant to solve. Then third and last (but not least) we will give you an intro on how to get started developing front end applications with Angular 2.0


Tom Hanekamp is a software engineer whose primary focus is Java and mobile development. Since starting with Luminis Arnhem in 2011, he has developed multiple native Android and iOS applications and has recently also tried his hand at hybrid app development with Javascript. A key element in his applications is that they interact with hardware to allow a user to affect their environment through his or her mobile device, such as controlling a thermostat or even the entire house. Aside from mobile development, Tom also has experience with modular Java application development through OSGi and Apache Felix.

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