Container Camp London: Docker network performance


Luminis’ Arjan Schaaf is going to present about Docker network performance in the public cloud at Container Camp Londen. Arjan has been developing modular and web applications using Java, OSGi and Groovy for years as a software engineer and architect. As a DevOps architect, Arjan has shift his focus to bringing development, operations and business together.

Docker network performance in the public cloud

After we setup our initial Kubernetes+CoreOS based cluster on Azure using Weave, we asked ourselves the question: but what about performance? It turned out that different public clouds such as Azure and AWS but also the network implementation you choose for your Docker cluster has a significant impact on the networking performance of your cluster. In this talk I’ll address how ran our performance tests on the different setups and the new libnetwork stack in the Docker experimental channel will be discussed as it offers new possibilities to easily swap the included network “batteries” by another implementation.