BrainUpgrade Modern Threading: Java vs .Net


Threading is known to be one of the hardest subjects when writing programs. Whether we are talking about parallel programming or asynchronous programming, which need to synchronize back to the UI thread, it always come with a lot of difficulties.
In the last couple of years the two biggest technology stacks (Java and .Net) have made a lot of progress when it comes to dealing with multiple threads. Both platforms now offer the programmer a lot of nice API’s to make optimal use of the multi core processors we have today.
In this Luminis BrainUpgrade session we will talk about those API’s and we will show you how you can leverage them to write programs that really make use of all the core in your machine. This way you can take advantage of the true speed of our hardware.
For C# and .Net we will look at:
  • Task Parallel Library
  • Parallel LINQ
  • Asynchroon programmeren met C# 5.0 Async/Await.
For Java:
  •  Executors en Futures
  •  Java 8’s parallel streams
  • Java 7’s parallel processing met het Fork/Join framework


17:00h: Welcome
17:30h: Start diner
18:00h: Part 1
18:45h: Short break
19:15h: Part 2
20:00h: Possibility to talk further