Luminis Brain Upgrade: XML


On Wednesday evening October 29th 2014, Luminis Arnhem organizes a knowledge session where all the ins and outs regarding XML will be discussed. In this session we will explore all the dark corners and caveats of XML, XSD and even a little bit of XPath.

Every developer has to deal with it sooner or later: XML. As a developer you will always have a run in with XML and its related standards. When you have these run ins, you will have to deal with a lot of different concepts, rules, standards, exceptions and technologies. The amount can be dazzling and difficult to get your head around.

Almost every time you will ask yourself, why does this work like that? Or: what is the purpose of this? And the worst: why is this happening to me, when you run into strange behavior. This session is guaranteed to have you thinking: oh, that is why this works like that! To seal the deal, we will explore some cool new feature of the new XSD 1.1 standard!

Among other things these subjects will be covered:


  • XML Prolog
  • XML Info Set
  • XML Namespaces

W3C XML Schema:

  • Xml Schema languages
  • Post Schema Validation Info Set PSVI
  • Target Namespace
  • Short intro of Simple, Complex types and content models including inheritance
  • Cool new features of XSD 1.1 and bit of XPath 2.0!


17:00h: Welcome
17:30h: Start diner
18:00h: Part 1
18:45h: Short break
19:15h: Part 2
20:00h: Possibility to talk further


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