Training: Java EE 7 Upgrade


Are you an experienced Java developer and do you want to know more about the latest Java EE APIs to develop transactional business applications? Luminis will organize a four day training Java EE 7 Upgrade on March 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Java EE has a greatly simplified programming model and it now has all the ingredients that make for a successful lightweight component based implementation. Java EE 7 Upgrade continues down the path where Java EE 6 left off to further simplify the architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer’s point of view, while also adding new functionality in response to the needs of the community.

You learn how to:

  • Develop Transactional Java Enterprise Applications
  • Use the Java Persistence API for Persisting Data into a Relational Database
  • Leverage Contexts and Dependency Injection to Benefit from a Decoupled Programming Model
  • Apply Messaging Techniques for Asynchronous Transactional Processing
  • Expose and consume RESTful Endpoints
  • Integration Test Enterprise Java Applications using Arquillian
  • Leverage the Java Batch API to facilitate long-running, non-interactive, bulk operations
  • Use websockets for full-duplex, bi-directional, communication with low overhead

The training will be given in Dutch. If necessary, the training can be given in English.


The trainers are internationally recognized keynote speakers at conferences and have a lot of experience giving seminars and trainings. We distinguish ourselves with a lot of background knowledge and understanding of the application of the technology in practice. This training will be given by Bert Ertman.

Bert Ertman is a fellow at Luminis in the Netherlands. Besides his day job he is a Java User Group leader for NLJUG, the Dutch Java User Group (~4000 members). A frequent speaker on Java and Software Architecture related topics as well as an author and member of the editorial advisory board for Dutch software development magazine: Java Magazine.

In 2008, Bert was honored by being awarded the coveted title of Java Champion by an international panel of Java leaders and luminaries. He is also the co-author of the book ‘Building Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi’, published by O’Reilly in 2013.

Course prerequisites:

  • Participants are expected to have a firm understanding of the Java programming language.
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop for this course containing their favourite IDE and a Java EE 6/7 compatible application server such as Glassfish v4 or JBoss Wildfly v8.
  • Before the start of the training, the payment due to be paid.

Did you know that Luminis also provides training courses in the field of Java, Groovy / Grails, Agile, Scrum etc.? For more information please contact us.