About us

Luminis Amsterdam is a cozy and close team that is seriously working on fulfilling its dreams in which creativity, technology and data come together.
We are future builders and help by thinking and accelerating digital solutions and changing customer experience and behaviour through creativity. We develop smart search and data solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible with technology. We do this through our driven approach with a positive critical attitude and great passion for our profession.

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever. “Business Agility” is essential in our demanding and dynamic markets. Our passion lies in designing and developing agile digital solutions so that customers and partners can quickly respond to new developments. Our motto “Changing your world by creating memorable digital experiences” forms the starting point for how together we make new ideas possible so that the vision and ambition come to life.

Because we want to make a positive contribution that makes sense and has a real impact, we are also concerned with social issues. In this way we help with the development of:

  • Diavantis, a new concept to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes 2.
  • Littlebitz, a new one-on-one, transparent way of donating to refugees who are received in the region.
  • Whispp, a solution for stutterers that offers the possibility of having conversations more easily.
  • Sedna, helping to put their customers at the center and making customer journeys and personas.


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How does your company ensure that your customers keep coming back? That they actively promote the solutions and service that you offer? We are convinced that all this has to do with the user experience. How does the user deal with the product and how is it experienced. The user-friendliness, the convenience, but also the design. In short, the User Experience (UX). UX refers to all interactions that a person can have with a product, application or website. It is about the feeling that a person gets and makes sure that people hook up and stay hooked. To read more about our work within the UX field click here.

Want to know what your next step is? The “maturity scan” that we have developed helps to gain immediate insight into where a company stands, what profit can be achieved with which UX components, what the quick wins are and how a next step can be taken. the scan contains a number of crucial questions in the field of UX. After answering these questions, we know which parts are needed to help your company.


Data operations

Our DataOps team’s mission is to get customers and partners to get the added value out of data analytics as quickly as possible. We live in a VUCA world that is constantly on the move. Many newcomers, more brands, media channels and multi-touch points with customers, suppliers and government. At Luminis we help you to quickly interpret and apply the data so that, for example, a marketing message with a personal touch can be sent or a good decision can be made based on a prediction. Or so that you can work towards a healthy lifestyle with the right advice about good nutrition, exercise and guidance.

We teach clients to view from a different perspective how the required organisational resilience, agility and data are used to continuously achieve the objectives. We help our clients to remove the major big data barriers so that new business ideas can be validated quickly and effectively. To read more about our work about Data operations click here.



At Luminis, we strongly believe in the added value that Cloud technology offers to our customers. Nowadays, the “Cloud” is much more than servers and infrastructure. By developing standard services for Search, Data and IoT, among others, organisations are able to realise their wishes much quicker and with less effort. This enables organisations to focus on their core competencies and to innovate faster using new Cloud technology.

We help the organisations with which we collaborate with their migration to the cloud and implement innovative solutions based on Cloud technology. In addition to guidance, training and advice, we also offer managed services in which we take care of the management of the Cloud installation. We also develop Cloud-based solutions ourselves, such as our DataOps platform and our managed Search solutions. We are an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. To read more about our work about Cloud click here.



Ever since the establishment of Luminis Amsterdam, Search has been an important part with which we help customers to increase conversion and improve user experience. We have helped many customers with the correct implementation of Search issues. Knowledge development, experience and feedback from our customers have taught us that implementing the technology (elasticsearch and Solr) is obviously not the only part of a successful search engine.

The purpose of a search engine is not to search, but to get answers to questions about topics that users want to find. These can be products at an e-commerce site such as Bol.com or Bookspot.nl. They can also be patent documents with a very rich query language for experts such as at Lexis Nexis. We help clients with the design of a roadmap, the implementation and elaboration of the required functionality of a successful search engine. We think along with issues such as: “How can you best show the functionality to your users?”, “How do you measure what your users do?” And “What analytics do we need to come up with KPIs for your search engine?” In the next stage, after the search engine has been implemented, we often help with tuning the search engine. This includes user behaviour to influence the order of results. This is also called relevance tuning. To read more about our work about Search click here.