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Luminis Technologies is a part of Luminis that focuses on the development of high-quality products and services. We develop products such as InformationGrid, MediGrid and we also offer cloud management services under the name Luminis Cloud Services (LCS).

More than ten years ago, Luminis started its own R&D activities, in addition to projects and consultancy. Over the past ten years we have created a broad portfolio with various open source frameworks, contributions to Apache projects, professional race simulator software, cloud infrastructure products and SAAS solutions for education and healthcare.

Luminis Technologies develops solutions before they are commonplace in the market. For example, we developed cloud infrastructures in 2010, personalized education in 2015 and we are currently developing the decentralized data infrastructure.

With a core of more than 20 colleagues, we work in agile teams on various products and services. The atmosphere is social, driven and open. We have a flat hierarchy, so there is a lot of room for own input and innovation.

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