Methods Are No Fun – An Introduction to Kotlin [DevCon]


We have myriad JVM languages to choose from already, but let’s pretend for an hour that we really, really need another one.
Kotlin is a statically-typed, general purpose language hosted on the JVM. It has some stand out features that make it a worthwhile entry in our toolset. It promises safe interoperability to the Java programmer and makes all the functional programming goodness we enjoy in Java8 available to Android developers.

We’ll look at its concise syntax, its functional capabilities and its interesting treatment of nullability by building a backend service in Kotlin. We’ll build our application with some frameworks and libraries we’re used to as Java programmers to show how the promise of interoperability actually plays out in practice.

We’ll also take a look at a mobile application built with Kotlin to see how Android developers can now enjoy the happiness that comes from type inference, null safety and, of course, lambdas.