Utku Demir

Cloud Engineer

Two of the greatest desires of Utku are cloud technologies and studying statistical outcomes. With that in mind, he takes joy from automating applications on the cloud and working with artificial intelligence technologies. Some of the applications that he created in these areas are a backend application that deploys itself on the cloud using CICD pipelines and IaC and a neural bassline generator that creates melodic basslines for electronic music.

Utku is an engineer with practical experience in the world of cloud and data technologies as he believes those are the technologies that he can achieve the biggest impact. With this affection, he devoted his past few years gathering knowledge in automation, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Development (CD), computer vision, natural language processing and cloud technologies. Besides he has experience in developing backend solutions using Java and Python.

Utku finds pleasure in projects that challenge him and pushes him to learn new things. As such, he is a dedicated engineer who is always looking to improve himself and his team to achieve great outcomes. He is a self-motivated person that pushes his boundaries by experimenting, learning and sharing to create value for his team.

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