AWS Consultancy

Amazon is the global leader in cloud technology and cloud services, measured in revenue as well as market share. Due to their leadership position and with ongoing innovations and acquisitions, Amazon has built an impressive portfolio of cloud services since the founding of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006. These services allow companies worldwide to benefit from high quality solutions, scalable infrastructures and the latest technology, for example in the field of machine learning, at low entry costs.

Luminis has been a Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for many years. We invest a lot of time on training and maintaining our knowledge of AWS products and services. Plus we use them every day! We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. Below you find an overview of AWS services that we offer.

Luminis AWS services

Migrating to AWS

More and more companies are migrating their IT systems to the cloud. As a result, they benefit from better manageability, scale and faster innovation. Luminis has extensive experience in advising companies on the topic of cloud migration. We combine this with thorough understanding of Java and C# engineering so we can also do the heavy lifting. On this page you can read more about the possibilities and our experience in this area. Reading tip: our paper on cloud migration.

AWS architecture

Do you want to develop a new application that runs entirely in the cloud? Or do you want to upgrade your legacy software systems and move to modern modulair, micro servivces or data fabric architectures? Then it is certainly a good choice to add a certified AWS architect to the team. This not only gives you ready knowledge, but also a lot of much needed experience. Our architects focus on long term goals and not only look at technology, but also at the organisational, knowledge and cost perspective. Out AWS architects work with the AWS well architected framework.

AWS engineering

Luminis has extensive experience in developing cloud native applications on AWS. From developing web applications with AWS Amplify, to performing cloud migrations, to setting up a data lake in the cloud; our experienced AWS cloud engineers deliver the wanted results and future-proof solutions.

AWS Security

Developing (data) applications cannot be done without paying attention to security, information security and privacy. We have several experts who specialise in AWS network security. These experts know AWS solutions such as Identify Access Management (IAM), Key management service (KMS) and Cognito inside and out. They can help organise things such as encryption, authorisation, network security and access management. They not only know how to properly use these solutions to keep your environment safe, but also advise on broader information security and raise awareness about this within the organisation.

AWS data analytics

Developing a data warehouse, data lake or streaming data application yourself is cost-efficient when using AWS solutions such as Kinesis, Glue, EMR and Redshift. Luminis can provide support in the field of architecture, development and management for these AWS data analytics solutions. Our data engineers and architects not only know the different AWS data solutions very well, but also have a lot of experience developing the DataOps side. This makes your organisation more effective in the field of data, helps bring data applications to production, and achieve results faster.

AWS Training

Through our Luminis Academy, we regularly offer training and knowledge sessions about different topics in the field of AWS. We can provide these tailor-made sessions online as well as at your offices or other locations. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibilities of the Luminis Academy.

AWS Cloud management

Once your applications and data are running in the cloud, it is important to properly organise governance and monitoring. With our Luminis Cloud Services we offer various services that support monitoring, uptime, performance, maintenance, security and cost control. This varies from ad-hoc support to service level agreements for a longer period of time. AWS Cloud management support is an interesting option for SMEs, and allows smaller companies to have access to high-quality cloud knowledge, without having to add more people to the payroll.

AWS cost analysis and cost control

Without monitoring and cost control, AWS costs will eventually increase. That is why it is advisable to monitor matters such as billing and use of data and resources as part of cloud management. As a result, your IT organisation remains cost-conscious and unnecessary money is not spent on environments or services that add little value. Luminis can not only set up or monitor cost control for you, we can also provide specific advice on how to cut back on AWS spending. For example, by designing your landscape differently, using resources more efficiently or purchasing services and resources in a different way.

Want to know more?

The services mentioned above are just some examples of the support we can offer in the field of AWS. Would you like to help us solve a specific problem, or talk to one of our AWS experts about possibilities? Feel free to contact us!