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An IT and AWS environment is constantly changing and evolving. Servers come and go, security groups evolve, people experiment with new AWS services and options, workloads change, new business applications are added, and new vulnerabilities in security emerge.

So, how do you ensure that your cloud environment remains secure, efficient and under control? And that you have the right processes in place to achieve this?

When conducting the AWS Well-Architected Review, we assess the challenges to the desired processes and give you insight into areas for improvement.

AWS Well Architected Review

The cloud is supposed to enable companies to give their full attention to delivering value to their customers. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that many organisations focus a considerable amount of their attention on keeping their current applications and infrastructure operational. Managed services based entirely on public cloud technology offer opportunities to improve this, one being the AWS Well-Architected Review.

When conducting a review, it’s important to consider the overall business context of the application (the goal and what is to be achieved) and the concrete reason for the review.

Although any AWS user can conduct a Well-Architected Review, practice has shown the benefits of engaging the help of an experienced AWS partner such as Luminis.

✓ Reap the advantages provided by an experienced partner who conducts frequent reviews for a range of customers.

✓ Let the developers get on with their work, while Luminis conducts the review. Increase general AWS and specific Well-Architected expertise across your organisation.

✓ The perfect basis and starting point for evaluation and recommendations on long-term strategy. Eliminate risks and concerns and prevent unexpected incidents.

What do we do?

This framework built by AWS combines the years of experience accumulated by AWS solution architects working for thousands of customers into a consistent, coherent review.

It enables AWS users to evaluate their architecture and implementation against the concepts, principles and best practices of this framework.

The Well-Architected Review consists of a series of questions that help provide insight into the applications and cloud environment, as well as the business context in which they’re used.

As an AWS Advanced partner, Luminis is perfectly placed to help clearly define this context and map out a range of considerations.

The Well Architected framework consists of 6 pillars (the sixth was added in late 2021 at re:Invent):

  • Operational Excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization
  • Sustainability

The reviews are structured around these 6 pillars and each question is directly linked to a principle or best practice.

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What are the benefits of the review?

An organisation that decides to have an AWS Well-Architected Review conducted by Luminis gains insight into how their cloud environment reflects their processes and business strategies.

A Well-Architected Review is concluded with a report containing a list and descriptions of the issues found, which forms the basis for improvements. Luminis goes through the list together with the customer to clarify and prioritise matters, the result being a set of recommendations that enable the customer to implement structural improvements.

Since the cloud, applications and your environment are constantly changing, AWS recommends reviews be conducted regularly.* Technology can change, as can priorities; a decision that initially seemed logical may later need to be revised.

*Subject to conditions, AWS sponsors this review and remediations by offering $5,000 worth of credits. Please contact us about these conditions.


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