Cloud Application Hosting

An IT landscape with (complex) custom-built applications requires specialist knowledge and constant attention.

How do you ensure that your IT environment remains reliable and secure? How do you keep track of the costs? And how do you make sure your IT environment is scalable and compatible with new developments?
Some of these needs can be met by using public cloud technology. Yet many organizations spend a great deal of time keeping their existing applications and infrastructure operational. Our managed public cloud services can change this. One of these services is Cloud Application Hosting.

Cloud environment management

Our Cloud Application Hosting service takes the work of managing your cloud environment and applications off your hands. It also ensures that your application infrastructure is both scalable and cost efficient.

Organizations add most value for customers when they are able to focus on the core business. Ongoing operational maintenance of applications and infrastructure can be a distraction. To prevent this, we take care of security and monitoring and help you harness the full potential of your IT environment.

How it works

  • When hosting an application, Luminis always starts with an intake process. During this standard process, together with the customer and other required parties Luminis determines what data and software are needed, the most effective implementation strategy and which critical factors have to be monitored.
  • Migration: if this means migrating from existing systems, the intake process includes the creation of a migration plan. We also establish who the contact persons are, how the project will be managed and prepare a test and acceptance plan.


  • Set-up: the service is delivered as agreed in line with the information provided. Besides infrastructure, this includes things such as a Service Desk portal, back-up and restore procedures and reports. The predefined test and acceptance plan is executed to ensure that the arrangement is adequate and the application is then managed by Luminis.
  • Management: we host the application and make clear agreements about application availability and management, updates, adjustments and response times.

Why choose Cloud Application Hosting?

Your applications are hosted in our standardized Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud environment.The cloud-native services provided by these platforms ensure optimal reliability and scalability.

With pay-as-you-go cloud pricing, you only pay for the infrastructure you actually use. Besides ensuring that you never pay too much, this also allows you to scale up quickly when needed.

Our experts arrange everything needed to host (complex) applications in the cloud.

This includes not only the infrastructure, but also domain names and certificates, disaster recovery, security updates, monitoring and availability reports.

With our ISO 27001 certification, you can be confident that security is always top priority. Our Service Desk will be happy to help with all of your support needs.

Customer Stories

Remeha Smart Service Application

Remeha has developed an app that allows engineers to make a wireless connection with the boiler. This allows them to easily read the data, diagnose the problem and solve it.

Equestic SaddleClip: the Fitbit for horse riding

Equestic sets out to help a million horses and jockeys worldwide. To accomplish this, Equestic has built an innovative app and IoT-application: The Equestic SaddleClip

Goudappel: cloud-native strategie

Luminis helps Goudappel outline its transformation strategy and continuously improve its software delivery process.

A quick overview of the benefits

• Cloud-native hosting in AWS or Azure
• Flexible, reliable and scalable infrastructure
• Pay-as-you-go pricing
• Domain and certificate management
• Disaster recovery
• Security updates and patches
• Monitoring and reports
• ISO 27001-certified


Want to learn more about Cloud Application Hosting?

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