Cloud DevOps tools as a foundation for Cloud native development

With Cloud DevOps tools we help you create the optimal software engineering process. In addition, we offer a Cloud-based environment with the necessary tools for documentation, issue tracking, and building and deploying software.

This can be the deployment of a native cloud application, but could also entail deployment to an on-premise/non-cloud based app.

Luminis can set up this service for your organization, but a complete migration and optimization of an existing (on-premise) environment is also possible.

Better collaboration for faster software release

At Luminis we are always looking for ways to develop the best software with our customers.

A crucial part of our process is that development teams have the right tools and the right configuration at their disposal. An optimal DevOps tool set lays the foundation for teams to work efficiently and effectively. Setting up and maintaining DevOps tools by development teams with less experience requires a relatively large amount of time that cannot be spent on developing software.

Fortunately, we have the necessary knowledge and experience with a range of DevOps tools for AWS as well as Azure and Atlassian. As a result, development teams quickly have a complete environment that is customized and kept up-to-date.

1. Plan
To  be Agile at work you need well-designed boards for product backlogs and sprints. The design must also fit the needs of the organization and the applications you want to develop. We set up project-related configurations in such a way that teams can start using them quickly.

2. Collaborate
A critical success factor within DevOps is sharing knowledge. Tools must be set up so that teams can easily place and share project information such as documentation.

3. Source control
Luminis sets up and configures the source control tool(s) so developers can directly and securely manage repositories and git workflows.

4. Build & ship
Well-designed and adaptable pipelines are crucial for  software building and release workflows. The objective of this building block is that your organization can regularly and securely release to a (cloud) environment of your choice.

Our customer stories

INAETICS: an architecture for resilient systems

Solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications.

Monuta – Online Insurance Module

In September 2014 the Monuta website was again, as in 2011 and 2013, voted the best in the insurance industry. This study, conducted by a leader in online conversion benchmarking called WUA!, looked at the consumers first impression, user experience and overall opinion.

Eijsink booq

Eijsink offers total solutions for the retail and catering industry. Their new Booq product line features a new series of connected terminals.

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