Concepting & design

Design goes beyond the visual aspects of a product. It also includes behavior and functionality, and strives to develop solutions that provide maximum value for both your organization and your customers.

Digital products and services play an important role in realizing your ambitions. In design, how do you find the balance between business objective and customer experience? This is only possible if you know the domain, your customers and users well. With concepting and design, Luminis helps you make the right decisions and reduce risks with research and experiments. We use clear product goals and measure the effect of design decisions so that you always have insight and control over the results. This is how we realize the best experience for you, your customers and your users.

Our approach

Designing and developing digital products is a process that requires creativity as well as a thorough approach to research, experimentation, and continuous improvement.

Sometimes this development takes so long that the service is already obsolete by the time it is finished. This is why Luminis offers concepting & design as a service. This is a way of finding a solution to a problem through a rapid process of testing and development. This involves looking only at the problem, without already having an end result in mind. It is a holistic approach, involving stakeholders from all departments. Sometimes a completely different solution than previously thought is found in the process.


UX design

UX design focuses on the user’s experience. This discipline involves expertises such as designing graphic user interfaces (both visual and interaction design), concept development and user research.

Luminis uses the Intensive Design Method for concept development. This method is set up to inspire you about what the next step in your business can be. We complete the design in two steps: the first step lasts one day, the second about ten. Step 1 involves exploring the customer’s business and the issue at hand. A prototype of a solution is made. During step 2, this prototype is tested, users are asked for feedback and the visual design is initiated.This results in final prototype.

This quick approach requires flexibility and the ability to grasp complex issues fast. Luminis as a diverse client base, this means we can easily adapt to new industries.

The advantages of our approach are:

  • You have maximum control over the direction and result of the design process.
  • Results are resilient and have already been tested on end users.
  • Better collaboration and handover.
  • Lower costs because of the efficient approach and intensive collaboration.

Our design solutions

Product Discovery

Understanding your users, customers and the domain in which you operate is critical to the success of your digital product or service.

Design Sprint

Quickly solve major challenges, improve existing products or create new ones. A Design Sprint is a fast way to find out if a product is worth developing or if your value proposition is really valid.

Data-informed Design

Data allows you to make informed design decisions and to not rely on gut or past experiences.

Product Strategy

To achieve your business goals with digital products, a guiding vision and strategy is crucial.

UX review

Our UX review is an affordable, quick and objective assessment of the user experience of digital products.

BDR Thermea

With the smart thermostat and free app, you can control your heating quickly and effortlessly, wherever you are.

Albert Heijn (AH)

Smart algorithms to ensure that customers can find the right products as quickly and effectively as possible.

Huuskes: a digital transformation

"As a company you have a strong, professional partner in Luminis. They are committed, realistic and proactive. Luminis helps Huuskes to distinguish itself in the market", says Gerben Hengeveld.


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