Solve complex challenges faster with Design Sprints

In just one week, you can innovate, accelerate and validate with prospective users to determine if a product idea is feasible, attractive and commercially viable.

Quickly solve major challenges, improve existing products or create new ones. A Design Sprint is a fast way to find out if a product is worth developing or if your value proposition is really valid. It condenses months of work into just a few days.

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Why do a Design Sprint and who can benefit?

Innovation requires smart collaboration. A Design Sprint is a proven Agile-like method that helps you and your team quickly and efficiently make the right decisions to create value for customers.

The Design Sprint is a 5-day process that provides answers to business-critical questions. This methodology is ideal for organizations that want to test a product idea, concept or formula, develop a new proposition and/or product-market combination, or redesign an existing product or application.

The benefits of a Design Sprint

In 5 days, you know if the investment you are planning is the right decision.

  • Greater speed, efficiency and focus;
  • Structured approach accelerates innovation ;
  • Clarity and direction for new projects;

A Design Sprint allows you to accelerate progress and speeds up the validation process. You quickly identify the solution to your challenge and stay agile. If it turns out that your idea is not feasible or needs to be adjusted, you don’t have to throw away months of work. Your next decision is based on validation – rather than assumptions!
Design Sprints are a great way for teams to work together and generate valuable experience within your organization.

Get your project off to a flying start

The outcome of a Design Sprint is a high-fidelity interactive prototype tested by real users and a clear understanding of what to do next.

The prototype is not a wireframe or paper prototype: it looks like a real product. By testing your prototype with real users, you can find out if your product idea, concept or formula is worth pursuing. If your idea is successful and appeals to prospective users, you have a prototype that will get your project off to a flying start.


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