Container Security

How do you ensure that the same security standards can be applied to container-based applications as to virtual machine based applications?

It used to be pretty straightforward to make the right choices in terms of securing applications and IT architecture. Solutions such as the use of malware and virus detection and the installation of a network with zero trust that allowed only predetermined IP addresses to communicate with different servers helped keep your IT secure. The options were widely available and suitable for solving most security issues.

What are the biggest challenges when talking about container security?

Each container platform has its own security challenges

Those who opt for a container platform such as Kubernetes will soon be faced with a number of challenges regarding container security. Simply introducing security measures on the infrastructure where the Kubernetes platform will run is not enough. For Kubernetes, for example, it is standard procedure for all containers/pods to communicate with each other. But is this desirable? Should the containers be reachable on their own public IP address or not? Are the standard policies sufficient or do they fall short and is there a need for more granularity?

Kubernetes and container security

Kubernetes is the most widely used container orchestration platform for both public and private cloud.

Whether offered bare metal or as a PaaS service, Kubernetes has so many different applications that it is a good choice for almost all use cases. This is the main strength of Kubernetes, but at the same time its weakness. Kubernetes offers the possibility to endlessly choose which products are used for what. There is a whole landscape of suppliers, both open source and paid more closed source products.

Experienced at asking the right questions

With all these possibilities, organizations sometimes no longer know what to focus on. Where do you start? Which security solutions would be best for you and why?

Which tools best suit today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges? Do they actually meet all your wishes and requirements? What about systematic maintenance and what happens when Kubernetes rolls out updates? We are happy to answer these and many more questions about Kubernetes, security and the implementation of security solutions.

Luminis as cloud native Security Partner

Our partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Tigera enable us to advize on the design and implementation of container security.

Are you looking for a partner that helps you create a security strategy and implement it, but also one who can advise you on ever-changing laws and regulations? You would be wise to choose Luminis as your cloud native Security Partner. Our colleagues always like to share their knowledge and experience, and provide appropriate advice for challenges in the field of technology and security.

But what exactly do we do?

In order to create a safe container environment, it is important to clearly map the frameworks.

To establish and enforce the framworks, support is needed within an organization, both from the architecture and from the security side. That is why we start our container security process by drawing up a high-level design, which includes all components that are part of the container environment or have dependencies with it. When these components and dependencies are clear, we can design what the surrounding infrastructure should look like in order to realize a secure container environment. For this we primarily use the security components of AWS and Microsoft. The next step is the container environment itself. A combination of a product or service from the cloud provider and a security solution is required. We use Calico, from Tigera, for this. A high-level design is also drawn up for this to map out the container and to realize a concrete solution.

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Are you interested in our solutions for container security? Then please feel free to contact our Cloud Security Architect Jurgen Allewijn. He can tell you everything you want to know about our solutions for Container Security for Kubernetes and our Tigera partnership.

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