InformationGrid Architecture

InformationGrid is a solution that transforms your data to business value. But how does InformationGrid fit in your IT landscape? Which technologies are being used? What are the integration options? Here you can read more about the architecture of InformationGrid.


Several key principles serve as the foundation of InformationGrid:

  • Innovaton should be open, so the platform must be open. The platform is open by using open source components, supporting many open standards and make every bit of information accessible by APIs.
  • Big data challenges demand extreme scalability. Therefore the entire platform is built to scale, extremely robust, responsive and resilient.



  • Time to market is leading. All capabilities of the platform focus on allowing developers and business users to reach the highest productivity.
  • Security is no hygiene, but a determining and distinctive factor. We apply the ‘zero trust’ principles. We apply them by ‘security by design’, end-to-end encryption, built in GPDR and compliance checks.


These key principles have led to an architecture aimed at providing scalability, agility and security.

InformationGrid runs in a cloud infrastructure. This can be from Amazon Webservices, Microsoft Azure or a hybride or on-premise cloud environment. The heart of the platform consists of components and services that transform and distribute data. There are many functions to manage and develop cloud applications.


The following technologies are being used in InformationGrid:

  • Cloud infrastructure: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CloudFoundry, Kubernetes and Docker
  • Integration: Apache Kafka
  • Storage: MongoDB, JanusGraph, Hadoop, OpenTSDB, Apache Avro

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